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The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

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The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

Brandon Wade/Associated Press

Believe it or not, the NBA isn't the only place where customization thrives. Cleats have received special treatment, and the NFL is a big reason why.

Despite being nicknamed the "No Fun League," NFL players have worn some pretty dope kicks so far this season. We've seen plenty of wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks all go out and perform in these custom cleats.

In order to find the cream of the crop, we went back and looked back at a variety of cleats. After that research was complete, we settled on 10 unparalleled models to heap praise upon.


Cam Newton: Under Armour C1N 'Charlotte Hornets'

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The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Cam Newton's love for the Carolina Panthers has been obvious. The work he's put in for this team has been admirable. 

Leading a 10-0 Panthers squad hasn't been easy, but Cam's done it all with style and grace. Paying his respect another team that plays in his city, Newton sported a pair of C1N "Charlotte Hornets" cleats.

That Under Armour creation was a way to satisfy the brand's most grandiose NFL talent—because as Newton dominates, Under Armour's reputation grows.

Introducing a pair of Hornets cleats was a good start to putting Under Armour's custom cleat game on the map.

Odell Beckham Jr.: Nike Vapor Carbon 2.0 Elite 'Stars and Stripes'

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A photo posted by New York Giants (@nygiants)

Leave it to the NFL's residential style guru, Odell Beckham Jr., to put on a custom pair of Nike Vapor Carbon 2.0 Elite "Stars and Stripes" cleats and make a statement.

The shoes, worn during the New York Giants Week 10 showdown with the New England Patriots, were put to good use. Beckham Jr. went out and caught an 87-yard touchdown pass on the team's first possession stunting in these American grails.

Beckham Jr. can be considered a true savant in the world of special cleats. But of all the custom joints he's worn this season, the "Stars and Stripes" were clearly a cut above the rest.

Michael Crabtree: Air Jordan VII

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The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

Rick Osentoski/Associated Press

Michael Crabtree was one of the few athletes given the chance to sport custom Air Jordan VII cleats this season, per Bleacher Report's Kyle Newport.

Maybe that's the reason why the Oakland Raiders wide receiver is having a bounce-back campaign? Crabtree's 57 receptions for 696 yards and five scores has been a huge revelation for young Raiders' team.

The metallic silver and white Air Jordan VII mold has been Crabtree's best custom cleat to date. It's a clean way to honor the Silver and Black brigade on the field.

Mohamed Sanu: Nike 'Cincinnati Bengals'

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The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

Frank Victores/Associated Press

Mohamed Sanu is killing the cleats game this season. The Cincinnati Bengals pass-catcher has worn a variety of custom digs, and as Mark Sandritter of SB Nation explained, he's done it all while staying within the strict confines of the NFL's dress code.

Sanu's custom Nike Bengals cleats turned heads in Week 9. The concept was brought to life by legendary customizer, Dez Customz— a man whose contributed countless hours of custom work to bring sneakers and cleats to life.

Hopefully that partnership between Sanu and Dez stays lively. It would be great to see Sanu continue to set the customization world ablaze.

Dez Bryant: Air Jordan VI

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The Dopest Custom Kicks This NFL Season

Brandon Wade/Associated Press

The Air Jordan takeover during the 2015 NFL season wasn't limited to simply Michael Crabtree. Dez Bryant, a Jordan Brand athlete, was given the keys to the kingdom in terms of sneakers and custom cleats.

One of Bryant's best-looking cleats was this low-top Air Jordan VI cut. That royal, Dallas Cowboys blue and metallic titanium blend was a perfect way to give Bryant a standout look.

As long as he's linked to Jordan Brand, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Bryant's selection of cleats.

Adrian Peterson: Adidas AdiZero 5-Star 4.0

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